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OPQ User Community

OPQ is of interest to the following user communities:

Macrogrid managers (utilities). Power utilities often do not monitor quality at point-of-use. OPQ provides a cost-effective means for utilities to collect power quality data. They can do this either by installing OPQ systems themselves, or by contracting with a commercial service to provide them with data from an already installed system.

Microgrid managers (universities, military bases, etc.) As distributed renewable energy generation becomes more widespread, organizations such as universities and military bases are becoming increasingly responsible not only for power generation but the potential impact on the quality of power they use and/or export to the external grid.

Power quality specialists. OPQ provides a new technology option for companies that provide power quality management and diagnosis to others.

Renewable energy providers. Solar companies have an interest in understanding the impact of PV installations on the surrounding grid. With end-user data regarding power quality, solar companies can better understand the possible impact of increased penetration of renewable energy on grid health and stability.

Residential users. Residential end-users already purchase power quality devices in the form of surge protectors. Some of these users might be interested in greater understanding of the quality of power flowing into their home.