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Develop your React UI skills with Open Power Quality

Based upon NPM Download statistics, the React Framework is on its way to becoming the most popular front end for application development.

If you are interested in developing your React user interface development skills, then you might consider joining the Open Power Quality project!

Our current user interface, called OPQView, is based on Semantic UI and Meteor and looks like this:

We are currently reimplementing OPQView with React to improve its usability and capabilities. We’ve identified over a dozen React components that need implementation: check out the React Backlog column of the OPQ M1 Project Board for a listing of the components.

We currently have three people working on the React redesign of OPQView, and we could use a few more.

Here are the prerequisites:

You must also be interested in developing the following skills:

This project is a gateway into many fascinating research and development issues involving: power quality, renewable energy, internet of things, hardware-software codesign, big data analytics, machine learning, and more!

If you’re interested, please contact Philip Johnson (